America was built on courage, imagination and an unbeatable determination. Harry S. Truman
As you know, the stars rarely align in the world of recruiting. We either have a market on fire with a shortage of candidates or we have great candidates and no positions… the never-ending conundrum. Come to think of it, I am sure that this constant state of quandary is probably why I love what I do so much. Tell me something is impossible, and I revel in the challenge! Over the years, I have gained new clients because they came to me for help on searches no one else could fill. While I do love a good challenge, and I am flattered, I sure would like to be contacted for the less difficult positions too – lol!

When I am dealing with my own vendors, one of my pet-peeves is to be told things such as: Oh, that’s just too difficult, that’s way too time consuming, or there is just no way…

There is always a way
I am obsessed with details and so when I decorate a room or do some type of home improvement project, or even the promotional items I use to market Alliance Legal… I may need 10 different printed items; I may have 15 different paint colors and 25 different fabric swatches. It seems that everyone I deal with wants to focus on the negatives and all that tells me about them is that they are simple-minded and an amateur to their trade… yikes! I know that sounds harsh but… Where are the people that are capable of thinking outside the box? The people that are solution-oriented?? The creative types who aren’t afraid to go out on a limb and try something new?
Courage, imagination and an unbeatable determination
These traits are my strong suit. I love our country because we live in a land where we have the freedom to express ourselves and there is a place for everyone, all types. I love being able to use my gifts to help others find their places in the legal community and I am honored to be a trusted resource to meet the challenging demands of my clients.

The Dallas Legal market is booming right now. Our skyline is so bright that indeed it is more difficult to find the stars… although they may be hidden, they are out there. The stars shine brightest in the darkness, so grab your shades and let’s step out on a limb, get creative, and try something different!

The Dallas Legal Market is BOOMING! This is an opportunity for you and me to tap into our courage and imagination to exceed the current demands.
Make your firm and your positions POP by making them more exclusive, positively eccentric, and highly sought after… flip the tables!
Identify ways that your firm and your positions are or can be different than the others… Spread some
Shine in your position by creating a firm wide culture that candidates don’t want to leave.
I have some ideas I’d love to share. I would love to have a brainstorming session with you to visit about ways we can set your firm and your positions apart from the rest. Salaries are off the charts and while most recruiters love that, I know that at some point this is going to be a bust and so I think it’s in our best interest to take the bull by the horns and initiate some other driving forces besides money alone. I spend a lot of time with candidates mapping out their career paths, which is such a pleasure and it gave me a new idea.


Right now, I see a real opportunity to work on the side of my clients to develop some new innovative strategies that will help you all succeed. It would be my absolute pleasure to spend some time helping you hone an image and culture unique to your firm and your opportunities.

I do too!

Let's set up a visit! Shannan Texas Lawyer Dallas Best of 2021 Winner