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Founded nearly three decades ago, Alliance Legal Staffing is one of the original legal placement agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We remain dedicated to placing attorneys, paralegals, support staff and litigation support personnel in direct hire and contract positions providing a boutique level of service at nationally competitive pricing.

what others have to say about us is what matters!

She critiqued my resume and shared interviewing and negotiating tips along the way…I am extremely happy with the position that she found for me. Shannan is an amazing person and truly a “Rock Star” in her field…read more

Candidate Testimonial Tracie Starkweather
Tracie Starkweather
Executive Legal Assistant

Shannan is an absolute professional when it comes to matching applicants and employers, and does it with efficiency and amazing accuracy…read more

Candidate Testimonial Terri Marlow
Terri Marlow
Legal Administrative Assistant

…and they gave great, practical advice that I am sure helped me secure a new position. Throughout the process…read more

Principle placed by Alliance Legal
Principle placed by Alliance Legal

She didn’t try to cajole me into interviewing for positions that didn’t align with my goals. She took the time to meet with me, listen to me, and learn about my interests and abilities…read more

Candidate Testimonial Kelly Hess
Kelly Hess

She was EXTREMELY honest with me…This was difficult to hear but she was willing to diligently work for me to find the right career for me…read more

Candidate Testimonial Ann Carpenter
Ann Carpenter
Legal Administrative Assistant

Shannan…..she is a bit of a force of nature. I was very happy where I was working when I received an email from Shannon; at first I wasn’t going to respond…read more

Candidate Testimonial Dana Roland
Dana Roland
Global Finance Paralegal at Sidley Austin LLP

She makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her and then all of a sudden talking about your weaknesses to a total stranger is somehow easy…read more

Candidate Testimonial Dena Lambert
Dena Lambert
Litigation Legal Assistant

I felt like Shannan had my best interests in mind and that she really cared about me and my career goals. It was a great feeling and a relief to have such an experienced, knowledgeable and supportive advocate on my side…read more

Candidate Testimonial Cathy Corcoran
Cathy Corcoran
Senior Paralegal

focused on making smart legal placements. She takes the time necessary to understand the legal specialty sought to make sure she’s making the best connection possible…read more

Candidate Testimonial Ryan L. Adams
Ryan L. Adams
Assistant General Counsel

Among the many ways that Shannan and Alliance outperform others are: Responsiveness, Understanding our needs, Dependability, and Attention to Detail…read more

Client Testimonial Jerry Karlin
Jerry Karlin
Manager of Administration

I contacted Shannan almost on a whim because I was “kicking the tires” regarding a return to work as a paralegal after a long absence to raise children…read more

Candidate Testimonial Kelly Jarrell
Kelly Jarrell
Texas A&M University

She is a great listener and truly takes the time to understand the needs of her candidates…read more

Candidate Testimonial Cheryl McElroy
Cheryl McElroy
Professional Assistant

Shannan knew very simply how to grab the attention of the hiring partners…In short, my interview with Shannan was the most helpful interview I had…read more

Candidate Testimonial Jenna Page
Jenna Page

Shannan goes over and beyond to provide you with as much information necessary regarding prospective opportunities so that you may make an informed decision. She is trustworthy and honest and your best interest is always at the forefront…read more

Candidate Testimonial Lucy Moreno
Lucy Moreno
Real Estate Paralegal

Her personal touch is what makes her special and stand out over the rest. Due to her superior methods, I can trust she is giving our firm quality candidates…read more

Client Testimonial Hilary Childress
Hilary Childress
Human Resources Manager

I cannot say enough good things about Shannon. My life changed when she went to bat for me. I know that sounds like overkill, but I said what I said. …read more

Candidate Testimonial George Emery
George Emery
George Emery Associate Attorney at Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom

She is keenly aware of our work environment and understands the importance of finding candidates that can perform at the level we need, but also “fit-in” well with our existing staff and attorneys…read more

Client Testimonial Jo Nan Burns
Jo Nan Burns
Office Manager

She not only works with people to locate employment but she also has a keen eye for placing people with firms that meet or exceed their personalities and work style…read more

Candidate Testimonial Charlotte Bennett
Charlotte Bennett
Senior Paralegal

I moved here from Chicago a few years ago and worked for a couple of companies in permanent positions. …read more

Candidate Testimonial Nicole Durenberger, MBA
Nicole Durenberger, MBA
Corporate Paralegal

…and right away I knew that she was working for me…With Shannan, her priority was me getting the position…read more

Candidate Testimonial Kevin Shook
Kevin Shook
Senior Corporate Paralegal

I felt comfortable to reach out to her while trying to make my decisions and she responded to my inquiries with by best interest in mind…read more

Candidate Testimonial Rosalinda Hernandez
Rosalinda Hernandez
Legal Assistant

I have never worked with a staffing agency or individual that dedicates themselves to you as much as Shannan did…read more

Candidate Testimonial Sydney Powell-Bindi
Sydney Powell-Bindi
Legal and Business Professional

Shannan never pressured me into taking a position I was not onboard with and told me that should would find me the right position…read more

Candidate Testimonial April L’Hoste
April L'Hoste
Sr. Corporate and Litigation Paralegal

Shannan knows the market and knows people and knows how to match the two for perfect employment pairings…read more

Candidate Testimonial Wendi Bullock (Grant)
Wendi Bullock (Grant)
IP Litigation Legal Secretary

Shannan is the most caring, honest, straightforward, and friendly professional…She gives you the tools that you need to ensure that you are chosen and have a successful interview…read more

Candidate Testimonial Kristy Martinez
Kristy Martinez
Legal Administrative Assistant

…she can provide representation to her candidates that truly put them in the best fit. The heart that she has for each candidate and her passion to ensure that they succeed is unmatched by anyone else in Dallas…read more

Candidate Testimonial Maurin Phillips
Maurin Phillips
Legal Assistant/Secretary

Working for Alliance Legal/Shannan Humphries was a breath of fresh air…This is not just a testament to Shannan, but the clients she attracts….read more

Kevin Vacek
Kevin Vacek
eDiscovery Attorney

She was always reachable, answered all questions and helped me highlight my job skills….read more

Candidate Testimonial Lizzette Velazquez
Lizzette Velazquez
Litigation Paralegal

My meeting with Shannan was the most comfortable, honest and professional recruiting experiences I’ve ever had…I got hired at a firm that I couldn’t have even imagined having the opportunity to meet with, but Shannan made it happen…read more

Candidate Testimonial Chinar Hassan
Chinar Hassan
Litigation Paralegal

I can honestly say that when compared to several other contract firms I have worked through that Alliance has definitely provided the best experience…read more

Candidate Testimonial Vance McMurray
Vance McMurray

Shannan is the most caring, honest, straightforward, friendly professional I have had the pleasure to meet. She is passionate about helping candidates fulfill …read more

Candidate Testimonial Cheryl McElroy
Cheryl McElroy
Professional Assistant

Shannan did a great job of understanding our needs and then identifying people who would be a good fit…read more

Client Testimonial Clint Schumacher
Clint Schumacher

Shannan understood exactly what we needed and did not waste our time by sending unqualified applicants…read more

Client Testimonial Tonya Moore
Tonya Moore
Senior Paralegal

IF we ever had a problem she was quick to solve it. The screening she did on the candidates was awesome…read more

Client Testimonial Thom Wisinski
Thom Wisinski
Chief Knowledge Officer

She has a genuine heart…She listens and cares…truly caring about me and showing that through your actions!…read more

Candidate Testimonial Dana D. Orsini
Dana D. Orsini
Litigation Paralegal

Shannan helped me to identify my strengths and came up with an awesome game plan for finding my next opportunity. She has been incredibly encouraging and supportive and *always* has time for me when I need her advice!…read more

Candidate Testimonial Sarah Prince
Sarah Prince
Legal Secretary

She takes time at the beginning of an assignment to find out exactly what skills are needed and screens potential candidates to make sure they are a good fit…read more

Client Testimonial Jan Bell
Jan Bell
Former Paralegal Coordinator

Shannan is an articulate advocate for her clients…who is well-connected in the Dallas legal community as an employment counselor…read more

Candidate Testimonial Kathy Strawn-Frank
Kathy Strawn-Frank
Contract Paralegal

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Aligning our Clients with Pre-Qualified, Highly Sought Out, Intentional Candidates.

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Coaching, Serving and Advancing the Goals & Aspirations of People.

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Connecting Unique Talent with Favorable Opportunities.

Whether you need a direct hire to compliment your existing staff or a contract attorney or paralegal to fill a targeted need, our extensive network of qualified professionals combined with our tenured expertise will surely exceed your expectations. We stand behind our candidates’ ability to step into any situation and add immediate value to your law firm or legal department.

In choosing to work with Alliance, you will experience a noticeable difference right away. We are not merely “placement” focused, but rather PEOPLE focused. We place unparalleled value in the depth of our relationships and this is reflected in everything we do, throughout each stage of the process.

Attorney Placement: Contract Attorneys and Document Review

Paralegal Project Staffing, Contract Paralegals and Paralegal Placement

Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries and Support Staff

Litigation Support and eDiscovery

Recruiting, Marketing and Professional Services

■  Staffing at ALL levels for Law Firm and In-House Legal Departments
■  Temporary, Contract and Project Staffing
■  Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire

Texas Lawyer Dallas Best of 2022 Winner and Hall of Fame

In our industry, Winning Means Having All the Right Players. Voted 1st Place in Texas’ Best 5 Years Straight in Legal Staffing and Document Review, Alliance Legal Staffing, Is Your Best Move!

Texas’ Best: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2021, 2022

Alliance Legal Staffing is a Certified Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprise

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website. We hope that it reflects the unique culture of our organization, our authentic approach, and most of all, our sincere commitment to our clients and our candidates.
We look forward to serving you!

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Alliance Legal Staffing is a Certified Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprise.

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You be You, We’ll be Us

Alliance Legal Staffing is a faith-based organization but we do not push our beliefs onto others. We are accepting of all people as individuals regardless of age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender, national origin, race, political affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or religion. We state that we are a faith-based business to communicate the core of our convictions and what drives our decisions and processes. We have a genuine love for all people and strive to serve them according to our core values and their best interests. We share these convictions publicly to keep ourselves accountable and to remind us daily of the importance of our words, the way we treat others, and the way we conduct ourselves and our business.