Cases in Point

Time Savings
Case in Point. I received a phone call from a client at 4:00am. This firm is a top tier firm and they were at risk of missing a deadline and wanted to know if I could have 10 additional doc reviewers there by 9:00am. I met my people on site with donuts for the team. My clients are welcome to call my cell at any hour. Relationships matter!

Extensive Network/Database
Case in Point.

Relationships matter!

Cost Savings
Case in Point. A new client called me with a search for a paralegal. They had paid a recruiting fee a couple of times already for this role and when the second hire also resigned they decided to hire someone on their own who applied online to their posting on LinkedIn. Within a month they had let her go. I asked who the paralegals were that had been previously in that role. I knew EVERY one of them and NONE of them would I have recommended to that firm based on what the client described as the demands of the role and the personalities of the attorneys. Relationships matter!

Ongoing Intel
Case in Point. I placed a senior-level paralegal in a small firm. She had a Big Law background and was extremely talented. This firm checked every box on her list as to what it would take for her to make a move. My first couple of check-in’s with her were terrific! She was ecstatic and couldn’t thank me enough. Everything was perfect, until the honeymoon wore off. About three months into her new role, I got a text that she needed to talk. There was a problem and she was contemplating returning to her previous place of employment that still hadn’t found a person who could fill her shoes. There was a staff member that was a problem at her new firm, and this person was making her life so miserable that she had decided it would be best to leave. With her permission, I was able to contact the client and have a conversation about the dynamics, things going on without his knowledge and my experience on how this usually plays out. The client addressed the problem and my candidate stayed in place. She is very happy still. Relationships matter!

Case in Point. It is typical in this market for existing employers to counter to try to keep their best employees. This happens on a regular basis; however, I am able to prep my candidates in advance, providing guidance and the fallout from various scenarios so that they are prepared and grounded by their initial motivation for their decisions. This coaching and preparedness are critical to see the candidate through the process successfully resulting in positions actually filled. Relationships matter!

Cherry Picking
Case in Point. Even if you knew a candidate at another firm that you thought would be a great fit for your position it is considered taboo for you to reach out directly. It is not uncommon for a client to specifically tell me where they would want me to pull from or in some instances even provide the name of an individual. Working with Alliance you maintain anonymity protecting the reputation of your firm. Relationships matter!

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